Frequently asked questions about shipments of tourniquets

We ship tourniquets to a single Ukrainian Army unit - 126th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Armed Forces of Ukraine. This a list of frequently asked questions regarding our shipments of tourniquets.

Why tourniquets?

1. Tourniquets is one of the most needed among combat medical supplies in Ukraine. The closer it is to a wounded warrior at the time of the wound, the more likely the warrior is to survive.

2. 126th Brigade of Territorial Defense is participating in offensive to liberate city of Kherson. Offensive action usually produces more wounds as warriors are not as protected as during defense. This increases urgency of the need.

3. We have established contacts at North American Rescue, the US manufacturer of top quality, certified tourniquets and have completed several shipments since February, 2022.

Why ship only to 126th Brigade of Territorial Defense?

1. Through friends we have established a direct and trusted contact with a top army medic and trainer in 126th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Olga. She is in charge of managing medical supplies, equipping the unit warriors with emergency kits and combat training.

2. We are a small organization and sticking with a well known and trusted partner helps us make a difference even with the few resources we have.

3. We have roots in Odesa, Ukraine and 126th Brigade of Territorial Defense consists mostly of folks from Odesa region. This place is close to heart.

How do I know my money will be used wisely?

1. The operations are conducted by Pearl of the Black Sea, a volunteer run, 501(c)(3) organization. We spend all proceed for our cause and have practically no expenses.

2. We post picture reports here and on Facebook

3. The tourniquets we sent have saved lives. We have witnesses and survivors among warriors of 126th Brigade of Territorial Defense

Why do I have to donate when USA already sends aid?

1. The US government helps a lot with weapons and military equipment. Medical supplies are not the top priority and they are scarce

2. We help our contacts to bypass regular bureaucratic process of receiving much needed supplies. Our tourniquets get to them directly and quickly.

3. We trust our contacts and do not require inventory tracking paperwork. This saves their time and allows medics to focus on combat medical training instead of paperwork.

Who organized this effort?

The effort is organized by Pearl of the Black Sea, Inc, a tax exempt 501 (c)(3) Massachusetts non-profit organization

How do I dontate?

We accept donations via Facebook or on this web page