How to help Ukraine

This a list of frequently asked questions regarding helping Ukraine

US non-profit or direct donation?

1. Non-profits are restricted with their spending. You will not find a single one that allows donations for military needs for example.
2. Non-profits never use all money donated for a specific need, they have management overhead and are slower than direct aid.
3. Donating directly allows your funds to get to the people that need help faster. The funds

Is my donation tax deductible?

Direct donation to Ukrainian government are not tax deductible. It is direct aid to a foreign government or a foreign non-profit or via an individual. If you are concerned about the tax deduction, look for a US-based non-profit and make a donation using that method instead. Here is a list of charities to consider if you would like to make your donation tax-deductible. You can find more details here

How do I know my money will be used wisely?

Ukrainian folks told us their government is running efficiently during these difficult times and people trust it. We, and our Ukrainian contacts, believe the Ukrainian government knows best in the time of war how and where to use the funds.

We have secured personal guarantees from the Stavnitser family that all proceeds will be used only for body armor. This family has been uniquely charitable before Alexey Stavnitser's death and now his sons are continuing the tradition. Friends of friends told us this is a family you can trust.

How do you track the total donations?

If you donate directly to the government of Ukraine or a non-profit, they will track and report the totals on the page where donations are collected

How to contribute to a shipment of humanitarian aid?

You can learn how to contribute to a humanitarian aid shipment here

How to send humanitarian aid myself?

The Ukrainian government has created a website dedicated to humanitarian aid. It displays the most requested items by category, helps with shipping locations, customs declaration, and reporting on aid received.